Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Happy Birthday Trey!

After the big celebration on Sunday, we just stayed home and celebrated last night. Trey has his favorite supper (spaghetti), and then we sang and opened presents.
And he got some more cool loot!
Happy Birthday Trey! We love you bunches!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Trey's Birthday Party

Trey wanted to have his birthday party at Pizza Hut this year. I think everyone had a great time eating some pizza and being a part of the festivities!

Below is Grandma Cathy, Grandma Betty, and BillUncle Steve having fun with the party blowers!!
Grandma Nancy, Grandpa Bill, Aunt Mary, and Grandpa Jim
Trey just HAD to have Trent at his party. They are second cousins, and really like playing together.

Opening a cool Transformers toy!
Checking out some more presents!
Trey & Grandma Cathy with his Bumblebee birthday cake
Make a Wish!!!
Thanks everyone for helping us celebrate!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Fall Decorations

If there's one thing I'll miss as my kids get older, it would be their excitement for everything! I love seeing their faces. I know as they grow up it will fade away, but hopefully they hang on to a little! I say this because we (as a family) put up some fall decorations last weekend, and the boys were so excited to do it! Each day since, they check on them to make sure everything is still in place. I made them take a few pictures (which they weren't so excited about)

Monday, October 12, 2009

Uncapher Get-together

This past weekend my Great Aunt Amy and Uncle Art were in town for a visit. My parents had the whole family over to their house to eat and visit. I took some pictures while we were there, but realized after that I didn't get any of Aunt Amy & Uncle Art. Bummer. Here are the ones I did get:

Bill & the boys wrestling around on the floorNoah, Nick & Trey playing with toys
My cousin Canon and her boyfriend
Little Noah...he's such a doll!
Aunt Amy brought some bottles of champagne to drink. My parents decided it would be safe to open them outside, rather than in the house. Good thing! The cork flew all the way to the top of the trees out back!! I thought the look on my Dad's face here was hilarious!
Bill & Trey
Bill & the boys

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Browns vs Bengals Game

Last Sunday we went to a Browns game with the crazy Browns fans again. Thankfully it was about 60 degrees so Ryanne only had to wear 4-5 layers...otherwise we may not have had room in the van for all her paraphenelia.

We did a little tailgating before the game, and this time they parked us right by the lake.
Below is a Browns Bus that the fans had to get their picture taken beside. (I wore a "neutral red" of Ohio State to the game - I refused to wear orange of any sort)

The only person I've ever seen eat as many Rice Krispie Treats in a short block of time is my brother, Steve...It must have something to do with the name!!


Okay, the seagulls. There were TONS of them flying around the tailgaters! So Bill started throwing chips and buns to them, and they flocked to us like mad. We dared Steve to stand out in the middle with a bun in his mouth to see if they would fly down and snatch it out! EWWW! Birds freak me out!!!

The big boat parked next to the stadium
Where's Waldo? (He's the one in the orange and brown)

I know you can't see it, but the sticker says WOW! with a Browns helmet. Wow was right, but not in the good sort of way....

An action photo
Just in case we forgot where we were, the guy sitting in front of us had our section # on the back of his hat

Now this guy was a treat! He wins the "longest without a shower" contest, hands down! He "butted" his way right up to Ryanne (in her seat) and just stood there with his rear end in her face! Also note the Browns flag which was tied around his neck like Superman.

Goofing around in the van on the way home.

My opinion still stands that the Browns suck, but it was a good time! Thanks for going with us Ryanne & Steve!