Saturday, February 26, 2011

Snow Fun!

After the "blizzard" we had a couple weeks ago, the snow was finally perfect for building a snowman! The boys had been waiting to do this for months but every time we started, the snow wouldn't pack up.

Here they are rolling the balls around the yard:While the boys and I were building Mr. Snowman, Bill was inside collecting things to make his face, and his accessories
Here he is!!
That same day, we went to Grandpa Jim & Grandma Cathy's house for a little Superbowl party. This HUGE snow pile was at the end of their street. The boys had a BLAST going down on their sleds! This is a pic of Bill & the boys standing on top of the pile.
Trey sliding down, with Grandpa Jim at the bottom to make sure he didn't completely wipe-out!
Nick's turn! His facial expressions (as they usually are) were hilarious!
Surprise activities like this are always fun!!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Nick's Birthday Festivities

I'm extremely behind! Nick's birthday was Jan 17th! Here's a recap:

Nick had his birthday party at Pizza Hut with family this year... It was a good time! What has become our tradition is to let the boys go to the store, look through the cake book, and pick out whatever design they like. This year Nick chose the G Force cake, which is pictured below:The party...
Opening some presents...
Blowing out candles (This is always my favorite picture!)

His actual birthday was the day after his party, so we saved some presents for him to open...
And he chose Bob Evans for his birthday dinner! He had his spaghetti, and even had the waitresses singing to him!
I'd say you had a great 5th Birthday Nick!!