Monday, July 12, 2010

Zac Brown Band

Last week, we traveled to Ft Wayne with Jeff & Karen to see the Zac Brown Band concert. We had a great time! Here are some pictures from the evening:Bill with his PBR, and Jeff with his Budweiser
Karen & Jackie

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Catching up with an Old Friend

Irene, who used to babysit the boys, invited them over for a playdate with their buddy Ryan. It seemed like they had a ball!! She had a little pool out for them...and they started by just sitting in it and playing. It then turned into part of an obstacle course where they dove in head-first! I was going for a picture of Nick's face when he dove in, but this was even better! :)
What a great way to spend a h-o-t afternoon!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

4th of July Weekend

We had a very nice weekend for the 4th. Bill's brother Jay & family were in town, and on Friday, we had pizza & ice cream with them. Then Saturday, we packed up and headed for my parents place at the lake. Bill's family joined us at the lake for the day. It was nice to relax, visit, and have some cocktails! :)This is Friday night at our house. Bill busted out some of his fireworks for Gavin & the boys on Friday night.
Bill's dad at the lake
Dawn & Jay
We went for a boat ride Sat. afternoon, and my dad let Gavin drive for awhile.
They did A LOT of swimming! Here they are relaxing a little on the party dock
Bill & the boys swimming on Sunday

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Toledo Zoo

We had our annual zoo trip last week, and this year I decided to take the boys to the Toledo Zoo.
The different animals they had gave us a little change of scenery.

Nick was pumped to see the sharks the entire trip the aquarium was the first stop.Next the boys learned about the butterfly garden.
Three monkeys!!
We packed our lunch, and ate next to the the boys had their eyes on this the whole time.

The Wildebeast!
They really enjoyed watching the elephants
They got to pet a turtle, and a snake in the reptile house

The seals kept them entertained for quite awhile. They just kept swimming by, and the boys would run along the windows while they swam!
The polar bears were a big hit! There was a mama and young cub wrestling & playing right in front of the windows. It's was quite a sight to see a huge polar bear jumping in the water right at you - even if there was a window between!!

Fish heads, fish heads, roll-y poll-y, fish heads!

It was a great day! Maybe we'll try another zoo next year!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Picnic at the Park

Our latest park adventure was to Jubilee Park. We were pleasantly surprised to see Nathan & Noah playing when we got there!

This picture below is Noah. I wasn't quick enough with the camera to get him when he was smiling at me!Oh, the swings... I have spent countless hours this summer pushing the boys on the swings!! They never seem to get bored...
Especially Nick!!
We took a break from playing to eat our lunch, which the boys helped pack!
Mommy & Trey...compliments of Nick's photography skills!