Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Bowling with the Bollenbachers

We had a good time bowling with Ryanne, Steve, Kendall & Luke on Saturday! We did one lane with bumpers for the kids, and the other lane for the adults (minus the bumpers). I think Steve, Ryanne & myself would agree that this isn't "our sport"! Bill, on the other hand, is pretty good...as you can see from the great form he had below: (pay no attention to the obscene gestures behind his back! haha!)Nick
Rock on (or I love you...which ever!)
I think Kendall was playing air guitar here!!
The kids
Our clan
After bowling, we headed over the Mexican restaurant for supper! YUM!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Happy Birthday Tricia!!

We had a girls night at the Mexican restaurant for Tricia's birthday the other night. Here's Tricia with her sombrero and ice cream! Yum! Thanks for sharing!! Tricia had to make a call to John while we were eating (on Gwenyth's phone)
Lindsay and Tricia. I'm not sure why we don't have a picture from the other side of the table...Ryanne and I were there too!
I hope you had a great birthday Tricia! You're now an old lady like me! :)

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Castaway Bay

I can't think of a better weekend than last weekend to have taken the kids to an indoor waterpark! (What a great place to be "snowed in"). This year we went to Castaway Bay in Sandusky with the Figleys, and we liked it better than The Great Wolf Lodge. Below is the tree house area where the big bucket of water dumps every 5 minutes or so.
The Green Slide. Nick and Avery loved it!

Trying out the wave pool...They started out playing in the shallow waves, and by the next day we were carrying the boys out "deep" to where the big waves were!
Trey, Nick, Avery & Adelyn

Nick's creamer tower at breakfast.

They had so many activities for the kids throughout the day (outside of the waterpark). We took advantage of some of them. Below Trey is working on coloring a Castaway Bay T-Shirt.
Trey posing with his T-Shirt

Cookie decorating! I guess the frosting was good!!
Nick's cookie
Bill drinking a beer in Club Castaway. (The kids activity area)
They had a huge gameroom that would closely rival Chuck E Cheese! They even had the prize area where you could redeem your tickets. Nick is playing a little SkeeBall here...

Trey riding the train with Snoopy.
Saturday night, the kids had hot chocolate with Snoopy in their PJ's. Trey didn't make it for this - it was at 10pm, and he fell asleep around 8:30. But Avery, Adelyn & Nick all were still up.

We had a great weekend! Hopefully we can go back some day!