Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Little PJ's

Well, he's not a "Fat guy" and it's not a "little coat" ....but you can see where I'm going with this...
Santa brought Trey a new set of Transformers PJ's which were the correct size before I washed them. Now his belly sticks out, and the sleeves and pantlegs don't reach where they're supposed to. But he LOVES them!!!! and insists over and over that they are not too small. Everyone have a safe and fun evening tonight!! See you next year!! (haha, had to throw that in there!)

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Belated Christmas Greetings!

One would think with all the Christmas gatherings we went to in the last several days I would have so many pictures, I wouldn't know where to begin! -Not me!- It was a combination of forgetting my camera, forgetting the battery in my camera, and just plain forgetting to take pictures!! It wasn't a total loss though, Bill used the camcorder Christmas morning with the boys, and my Mom has some pictures as well. I'm chalking it up to spending quality time with the family!!

Anyways, I hope everyone had a Wonderful, Magical, Heartwarming Christmas this year!!

Below is a picture of the Milk & Cookies we left for Santa...Trey insisted Santa would need a straw because he was in a hurry!
One of Nick's gifts was a Viewmaster. We got a good laugh when he would look in it and see Buzz Lightyear, and start waving to him...

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Hot Cocoa

I'm sure this came from TV or a book, but Trey wanted to drink "Hot Cocoa by the fire"... It just cracks me up when they come up with something like this! They did drink hot chocolate, but they had to settle for candlelight instead!

Thursday, December 11, 2008


Usually I'm really excited to get the tree up for as soon as I eat the last bite of Turkey on Thanksgiving. This year I've been pretty much avoiding it because of one thing - Newman. He still chews EVERYTHING in sight!! So far the tree has been up for about 2 hours, and he's already stolen one ornament (while I was in the bathroom).

Growing up, our Christmas tree was never decorated fancy or trendy. It was full of ornaments Steve and I made, and other odds and ends. I loved it, and I love our tree now because it is already full of those things! Trey was so good at helping put the tree up! He really did make it go a lot faster!!
Nick helped for about 30 seconds, then decided the box looked like more fun...

Awww, they love each other so much! (most of the time)

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Browns Program

Last year Bill & I went to the season opener Cleveland Browns game against the Saints. We're talking 2007... We went with one of Bill's friends from work, and his wife. Scott is a huge Browns fan, and has season tickets. He was going through one of his programs from last year and saw that we were in the program!!! Well, what I think is even more hilarious is that the same "ad" with our picture is in the 2008 programs also! At the game last Sunday we bought a program to see, and sure enough, there we were!! Scott is also in the picture to the left of Bill.

A little bigger...notice I'm still wearing my blue Colts attire even though it was Browns vs. Saints :)

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Cleveland Browns VS Indianapolis Colts

Through work, Bill was able to get tickets to almost any Browns game he wanted this year. It was perfect because the Browns played the Colts this year! We took two of the craziest Browns fans I've ever seen to the game with us... Ryanne and Steve!! Below you'll see our tailgating spread before the game...

It was cold on Sunday...but was it THIS cold?? Ryanne wore about 50 layers of everything! All I know is...that's a lot of overlapping long johns!
Colts vs Browns catfight...

Below is the parking nazi...Nothing makes him more mad than when people who aren't very handicapped use a handicap sticker!! Just ask him about it! (btw...we did not do this, he just vented to us about for a LONG time!!)

Steve & Ryanne

Jackie & Bill...and yes this WAS Peyton's Place!!!! (ie Final Score Colts 10 Browns 6)

Monday, December 1, 2008

Holiday TV Schedule 2008

I absolutely LOVE Christmas shows, and hate it when I miss one of the "good ones" so I thought I'd share this schedule with everyone. Once you get to the site, you can print it out to post on your fridge...okay maybe you aren't crazy like I am :) Enjoy!

The boys first sleepover

We had my cousin Amanda's little boy Trent over on Friday night for a sleepover. (Trey called it a pajama party) At one point he came out of the playroom and said "Mommy, the pajama party is going really good!" I thought that was so cute!
We started the night off with dinner and playing at McDonald's Playland. Below are some silly faces in the Playland. Having some juice in their pajamas
On Saturday I took them all to see "Bolt", which I think they really liked. Needless to say, by the time Trent went home they were all exhausted!! They didn't go to bed until about Midnight, and woke up around 7:45am....and didn't have a nap! My boys were both asleep for the night by about 8pm, and Amanda said Trent fell asleep in the car after about 2 minutes!