Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Old Fashioned Fun

For our second year in a row, we headed over to Willshire Days! It makes me feel like I'm stepping back into time a little...and I like it! :) This year, the Ridenour family met us there!

The boys all had their faces paintedTrey picked a Ninja Turtle, Hadyn a Panther Paw, Hutch a Lightning bolt, and Nick a rainbow.
Tricia really got into it and had her whole body painted just like Superman. Just Kidding!!!
John said he loved carrying around a big camera all the time, so I took his picture.....maybe he was being sarcastic?
They had the zoo bus (or something like that) there... I think the boys did enjoy petting the tortoise, and seeing all the animals inside!
The inflatables were, again, a big hit with the kids!

And of course the Kiddie Tractor pull!

Nick and Hadyn won first place for their age groups! They won $3! I asked Nick what he was going to do with his money, and he said "probably buy Daddy a chainsaw. He really wants one."
Funny Stuff!!
We took a break and watched a magician for awhile...
And then the free pony rides....Nick was in Heaven! He was smiling from ear to ear when he rode them!!

Tricia & Jackie
Sadly, they didn't have the cake walk this year. We (Tricia & I) were looking forward to it!
Maybe next year!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Swimming with the Bollenbachers

Steve & Ryanne invited us over for a swim in their pond!

Steve was throwing all the kids in the air...I'm guessing he was sore the next morning!!
The slide!!
Ryanne's turn on the slide...going down:
after: (she gave herself a flat tire!!) So funny!

Thanks guys!!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Cooling Off

I pulled the little sprinkler thing out a few days ago, so the boys could cool off & have some fun!
Mental note: The following is what happens when you mow grass in the morning, and let the kids run through the sprinkler in the afternoon!! They were covered in grass clippings when they were done!!!
I'm not sure why, but when the boys are sitting on the back step eating a popsicle it screams summer to me. So I'll probably continue to keep taking them, and sharing! :)

Friday, June 18, 2010


This week we went to the Bethel Church Strawberry Festival (held at Lincolnview school). After we gorged ourselves on strawberry shortcake, we took the kids out to play on the playground. The Bollenbachers were there too!

I'm not 100% sure what's going on in the following picture...It appears that Kendall is posing on the slide, Trey's coming down, and Luke is just checking it all out!There was a pile-up at the bottom of the slide, and Nick's head was at the bottom...
Hold on!! We tried to get a picture of all 4 kids hanging from this wheel, but by the time we got the last one on, the first one couldn't hold on any longer, and fell down!

I would like to introduce everyone to Toady. He is quite possibly the smallest toad I've ever seen...and the kids found him on the playground.
Unfortunately, this may have been one of Toady's last group photos. He started to bloat up, and didn't look very healthy when we left him there....
On a lighter note, it was nice to let Trey play at his "New School"! He's soooo excited for Kindergarten!!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Ahh...The Lake

We were back at the lake last weekend! We even took Newman with us this time. He loved it as much as we do!
Now there's a lot of hot air! :)
I believe this was a back flip attempt....
I LOVE this picture!
Relax, Trey!

Out on the paddleboat
The boys were so exhausted Sunday night, they fell asleep about 1/2 way home and didn't wake up for 13 hours!

Monday, June 14, 2010


The boys have been enjoying soccer for the last month or so... Unfortunately, we've had a lot of canceled games because of rain/storms. They finally had another game last Saturday and I got a few action photos!
Nick is at the left side of this picture (#10)Another one of Nick heading down the field for the ball...
Trey prefers to be the goalie...and they happened to be standing next to each other here:
Nick with the ball, and Trey getting there to help!
We love watching the boys in all their activities!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Congratulations Ben!

Last weekend my cousin Ben graduated from High School! We went to his graduation party, and then on to the Peony Parade.

The boys each drank a can of pop while we were here (yikes!), so it was hard to nail them down for a picture with "the Grad"Ben & Jackie
A picture of all the Uncapher family at the party (Except Canon...where was she?). Lisa was taking the pictures with about 10 different cameras, so we were all looking in different directions...and some (me) had cheesy smiles!!
Nick petting Uncle Jim & Lisa's dogs
This was the only picture I took of the boys at the parade...
I would also like to Congratulate our niece Jackie Rice who graduated last weekend as well! We attended her party in Decatur, but I don't have any photo evidence! :)

Monday, June 7, 2010

Memorial Weekend

Over the winter, my parents bought a lake cottage and are in the process of fixing it up. We went up to see it, and spend a few days there over Memorial weekend. It's looking really nice, and was lots of fun!

Steve & Courtney were coming back from a paddle boat ride when we got there
The boys saw this, and instantly wanted to go for a boat ride too!
Grandma Cathy & Trey on the boat
Nick steering the pontoon with Grandpa Jim's supervision
A little lounging & some cartoons!
Fishing with Daddy
And of course swimming!!!
Nick found a snail shell and a clam while he was swimming

So Fun!! I'm sure over the summer, there will be more pictures to share...we plan on going back often!