Sunday, January 31, 2010

Mad River Mountain

What a busy weekend for The Evans Family!! Friday night, I took the boys to the YMCA for Family Swim (which they loved!), and Saturday night Bill made plans for us to go to Mad River Mountain in Bellefontaine. Sledding at the reservoir is fun, but nothing like this!!

This first picture is all 10 of the tubing lanes, from the bottom:

Nick waiting in his tube to go down!

Trey pretending to "surf" up the lift

Bill & Trey getting ready to go down the hill! I was too nervous to let the boys go on their own, but they only allow 1 person per tube. We strapped the tubes together 2 at a time so that the kids wouldn't be completely by themselves...I'm so glad we did this, because the very last time we went down Trey flew out of his tube about halfway down. I just had to watch from the top (yikes!!) while Bill climbed back up to get him....Thankfully he wasn't hurt, he was mad that he flew out on the last trip down!!

Nick & Jackie getting ready to head down
Pulling our tubes back to the lift
Bill & Trey riding the lift up to the top
Nick & Jackie

The boys were best friends the whole time we were there! I'm not sure why, but they held hands almost every time we went up the lift!

Bill's lift ticket

I think we'll probably go back someday!

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Ridenour Family said...

Jackie, that looks like so much fun!! I'm glad no one was hurt! (: