Friday, July 8, 2011

We ARE still alive!!

Because of the huge outcry for blog posts, I'm finally updating (okay, maybe the huge outcry was only from my mom...) ! I've decided to work from the most recent to oldest - just to keep the same flow going...

Last weekend was July 4th weekend, and we spent it with my parents at their lake cottage. On Saturday morning Bill caught wind that a piece of the World Trade Center was being transported through a town nearby. We drove to the town to see it (below on the flatbed)...It turned out to be pretty amazing. This picture doesn't do it justice, but a group of motorcycles escorted the piece from point A to B. Motorcycles passed in front of us, going about 30 mph for over 20 minutes. We heard later that there were somewhere around 9,700 bikes. I was skeptical when we left the lake to go see this, but I'm glad we got to experience it with the boys.
My Dad, enjoying a beer on the patio
The weekend before the 4th, was Willshire Days. I can't really explain why, but our family really enjoys this every year. The boys got to play tons of games, jump in the inflatables, compete in the kiddie tractor pull & ride ponies. They love it! This year Trey won his age group for the Kiddie Tractor pull. He won $4, and he was pumped! :) I even talked Bill into playing some Bingo with me!
Below Nick is playing a beanbag game:

Here they both are, decked out in all their prizes for winning at the games...
Bill competed in the Corn Hole game. He did pretty well! (Just look at that form!!)
Pony Rides!!

Let's back up some more now...
Trey joined Cub Scouts this Spring, and I think he really enjoys it! I think he looks so handsome in his uniform! :)
Do you remember when we had those torrential downpours this spring? Well, we ended up with mini-ponds in our yard one night and the boys decided to run through them and get soaked!! You just can help but laugh, when they get such joy out of something like this!

Rewind to the end of May, and we had a couple "Graduation" ceremonies to attend. Trey had his Kindergarten recognition program. Here he is with his certificate...
We took a couple family photos afterwards. Can you spot the difference? haha!

Our "little" Nick graduated from preschool in May also! Here he is being recognized, on-stage, with Mrs. Wettig - his teacher for the last two years...
He was very proud of this poster...he's been looking forward to getting one for a whole year!
And now, let's go ALL the way back to Easter. Here's a few pictures of the boys hunting eggs outside, and Trey w/his basket...

WHEW!! I think we're finally caught up on all the major events of the last several months! I'll try to do a better job from here on out!

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