Friday, September 2, 2011

Zoo Day!

Last Sunday Bill had his company picnic at the Fort Wayne Zoo. We thought it was great! They rented a pavilion, where we had lunch. They also had a magician walking around, and face-painting. The boys were pumped about the face-painting!
They both wanted dragons for some reason...and they turned out pretty cool!
After that, we were off to the zoo. The first stop (Nick's request) was to feed the ducks. We bought some food and started throwing it to them, when all the sudden tons of catfish came to the surface for the food. They thought it was awesome... (Me...not so much)
Next stop was the petting zoo. The goats were super friendly!
Bill gave this one a scratch behind the ears, and it followed him all over the pen
Here, the boys are taking a break in the African tent area:
We rode the sky lift in the African part

This guy like the lettuce the boys fed him!

This bird was so close to Nick at one point, he could have touched it...and he really wanted to - but his Mom wouldn't let him! :)

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