Monday, September 27, 2010

Labor Day Weekend

We spent yet another weekend at the lake, for Labor Day. It was a tough choice, because the fair was going on...but I think it was a good one! The first couple days made us question our decision a little because it was chilly. We had to find indoor activities for the boys. They really enjoyed making "forts" out of all the couch cushions, so we just let them do it! :)One morning, my parents took us to town for breakfast at Dillingers. If I have the story correct, it's named Dillingers after the famous bank robber. Back in the day, the building was a bank and was held up by John Dillinger. The bullet holes in the window below supposedly are a result of this. I don't know if that's true, but the boys were really interested in the story after seeing & hearing about this...
Breakfast pictures :)

FINALLY it warmed up!! Trey was in the water as soon as we gave him the green light!

I missed this picture by about a second!

This is what Grandpa Jim was doing when he finally had some peace & quiet inside:

It also turned into a beautiful day for a boat ride....

Nick loves to be the captain!!

Even Newman made it into the water....

Our friends, the swans, stopped by for a visit - and a snack :)
One of the last orders of business for the weekend, was for the boys to plant their bulbs with Grandma & Grandpa. Earlier in the summer, they spent a weekend at the lake without Mommy and Daddy. Grandma and Grandpa took them uptown to a parade, where they were handing out these bulbs...Sooo, it only seems fitting that they would plant them together!

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