Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Fall Fun!

Well I loaded the pictures backwards, and I don't want to wait on it bear with me!

I got the idea yesterday to let the boys pick out pumpkins to paint. My thought was they would enjoy picking out their "perfect pumpkin" and it would be interesting to see what they chose. So we stopped at the Lloyd's barn to get some...well Larry had this big pile of stones that was way more irrestistible to play on than the pumpkins. So, I picked them out for them. Today, when we were home they painted them. To my surprise, my normally wild and impatient children were perfectly content for about 20 minutes. They had fun, and were very proud of their work!
Warming up with Hot Chocolate!! Trey loved it, and said next time we needed marshmallows! (where does he learn this stuff?)

Trey has been DYING to play in a pile of leaves, so while we waited for the paint to dry on the pumpkins I raked up a big pile for them!

Well they definately aren't child art prodigys, but I think they look wonderful!

How could they resist this?!


Ridenour Family said...

Your boys are so cute! My dad told me every kid who comes to the barn runs right to the stone pile. And every mom freaks out!!! So at least they are normal (:
Love the painted pumpkins!

Nathan and Nikki Hillery said...

I love the one of them in the leaves.