Sunday, October 26, 2008

Trick or Treat!!

This year I took the boys to WalMart and said "Okay, go pick out your costumes" Ok, well I didn't just stand their and watch, but you get my drift... Trey's choice was not surprising at all - Spiderman. Nick on the other hand picked one that I couldn't believe. He chose this cute little spider. I'm still in shock that he picked IT over Batman, Superman, Pirates, etc... But I'm so glad he did!! I think Bill and I were laughing to ourselves over it the whole time Trick or Treating. They did have a good time going door to door, but then we passed another kid dressed as Spiderman BUT he had muscles built into his costume! So Trey pretty much cried and whined about it the rest of the time. We even tried stuffing paper towels in the arms to give him muscles, but that wouldn't do. He sure isn't having any problem eating the candy and bouncing off the walls!!!

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