Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Latest Happenings

We have been fairly busy for the last week or so...I just either forget my camera, or have it and forget to take pictures. Last Fri & Sat my Mom and I had a successful garage sale, which took quite a bit more preparation time than I expected. I put out all the kids clothes...so there was a lot of pricing with those little stickers! Ugh!! But, believe it or not, we decided to try again in the spring!

Friday night I went out to eat at Billy's with Ryanne and Lizze, and the Lincolnview girls. I was the odd-ball Cougar. It was nice to catch-up and drink the awesome Margaritas they have there!

Saturday was more of the Garage sale, then the Buckeye's game. My parents had their friends over, so Trey and I crashed the party (and ate their good food!)

Sunday evening we went to a Get-together at Grandma Betty's house. My cousin Ryan is home from somewhere across the Atlantic ocean (Lol! I can't remember which place he is calling home right now!!) He brought his girlfriend Lucy home to visit as well. Anyways, It was nice to see Ryan, and meet Lucy. The pictures below were taken by my Aunt Cindy...This whole crazy scene was going on when we arrived at the house! My Uncle Dave rode his motorcycle to the house, and I guess my Grandma wanted a ride!! She's one Wild Grandma!!!

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