Tuesday, January 20, 2009



have never learned the proper way to tie my shoes. I make two loops and tie them together - I guess someone else will have to show my kids how to do it!

had stitches minutes after my birth. The doctor cut my butt while making the c-section incision.
I still have the scar.

went to a babysitter who is my husband's Aunt. We were probably there at the same time, though neither of us remember each other.

never liked coffee until a couple years ago. Now I drink about 1/2 pot each morning.

was in college for 7 yrs, but graduated with an associates degree. A girl's allowed to change her mind!!

like the smell of unusual things such as bleach, gasoline, and skunk.

dislike the smell of anything pine-scented or rose-scented...unless it's a real pine tree or rose...

love Disney World! It's one of my favorite places to go! (We went there on our Honeymoon)

never admitted to dating my husband, or called him my "boyfriend"

made my parents hide all the Christmas presents, and put them under the tree over night well beyond the years of believing in Santa. I think I was about 25 before they refused to do it anymore.

cannot stand to have lights or television on when I'm sleeping.

cannot stand sleeping with the top sheet on me. My husband gets so annoyed by this.

went to Europe for 2 weeks the summer after I graduated from high school.

got up at 5:30am, 3 days a week (along with a group of friends) to go work out at the YMCA my senior year of high school.

once ate an entire tub of CoolWhip in one sitting, with my cousin Nikki.

love food. Cooking it, eating it, and sharing it.

So there you have it! 16 things about me you may or may not have known. I was tagged by Nikki, and I now tag Tricia and Ryanne to do the same!


Nathan and Nikki Hillery said...

Yay! I still love Cool Whip. I have some in the fridge right now...I might have to go eat a scoop right now! Yum! Remember the time we ate 10 sticks of cotton candy or the time we ate an entire can of black olives?

The Evans Family said...

I forgot all about the cotton candy!! Those were the days....

Ridenour Family said...

All these years I thought you like Pine Scented Air Freshener... who knew?!

The Evans Family said...

You mean pin scented...HA!