Monday, January 19, 2009

Nick's Birthday Party

It's always amazing to me the difference in personalities my kids have...but birthdays are where I really see it. Trey is just about giddy with excitement when his birthday is near. Nick enjoys the festivities, but doesn't get too worked up.

We had a party for Nick at Grandma Cathy and Grandpa Jim's house last night. Below is the Buzz Lightyear birthday cake.Blowing out his candles...Opening some presents... He got some stickers in a card, and wanted to put them on his belly! Funny!

We decided my cousin Megan wins the cheesiest smile award!

Jenny and her boyfriend
Two cuties! Trey & Avery (Avery is actually 6 months younger than Trey! I think she could kick his butt!)
Avery and Julie
We tried for a family photo, but you can see how well that went...

Thanks for letting us have the party at your house Mom & Dad!!

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